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Nestled in the heart of Tulum’s lush jungle, Casa Jaguar is not just a restaurant and cocktail bar; it’s an enchanting escape that combines culinary excellence with vibrant nightlife. Known for its open kitchen, which allows guests to experience the creation of Mexican-inspired dishes under the starlit sky, Casa Jaguar offers a unique and magical atmosphere. Since 2011, it has also become a cultural hotspot, hosting a special selection of international and national DJs. To truly enjoy all that Casa Jaguar has to offer, booking a VIP table is the ultimate way to elevate your experience.

Booking a VIP table at Casa Jaguar Tulum is highly recommended for several reasons. First and foremost, it ensures you have a reserved spot in one of Tulum’s most popular venues, allowing you to bypass any potential waiting times and dive straight into the festivities. VIP guests are treated to exceptional service, ensuring that your night is seamless and enjoyable. The VIP table price at Casa Jaguar varies, but the experience and exclusivity it provides make it well worth the investment.

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The VIP table price at Casa Jaguar Tulum typically starts at around $1,000, but can vary depending on the night and the event. This price includes a selection of premium bottles, along with a variety of mixers such as soda, tonic, cranberry juice, and fresh garnishes to complement your drinks. Opting for bottle service means you and your guests can enjoy top-shelf spirits tailored to your preferences, making your night even more special.

One of the main perks of choosing VIP table service at Casa Jaguar is the personalized attention you receive. Each VIP table comes with a dedicated cocktail waitress and a server assistant who ensure that your drinks are always refreshed and that you have everything you need throughout the night. Additionally, having a VIP table provides a private and comfortable space where you can relax, socialize, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Casa Jaguar without any interruptions.

The atmosphere at Casa Jaguar Tulum is truly unique, combining the rustic charm of the jungle with sophisticated touches. The venue’s open kitchen and wood oven bring out the rich flavors of local ingredients, creating dishes that perfectly complement the signature cocktails. Every Thursday, Casa Jaguar hosts its famous Jungle Party, where guests can dance under the stars to the beats of top DJs. By booking a VIP table, you ensure that you have the best seat in the house to enjoy these unforgettable nights.

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Club Casa Jaguar Tulum offers an extraordinary dining and nightlife experience that is enhanced by its exclusive VIP table service. The VIP table price includes premium bottle service, personalized attention, and a private space to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to immerse yourself in Tulum’s most enchanting venue, booking a VIP table at Casa Jaguar is the perfect way to ensure an unforgettable night. Secure your VIP table today and get ready to experience the magic of Casa Jaguar Tulum.



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