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Gitano Beach Club Tulum Table Price

Gitano Beach Club Tulum is a tropical oasis that offers a feast for the senses. With the aroma of burning copal, the taste of smoky mezcal, and the sound of the waves crashing against the pristine white sand beach, it’s no wonder Gitano Beach Club is considered one of the most beautiful beach clubs in the world. To elevate your experience at this stunning venue, booking a VIP table is the ultimate way to enjoy all that Gitano Beach Club Tulum has to offer.

Booking a VIP table at Gitano Beach Club Tulum is highly recommended for several reasons. Firstly, it guarantees you a reserved spot at this sought-after beach club, allowing you to bypass any potential waiting times and dive straight into the relaxing and vibrant atmosphere. The VIP table price at Gitano Beach Club Tulum varies, but the investment ensures you receive top-tier service and exclusive access to the best areas of the club.

gitano beach tulum vip table

VIP table price at Gitano Club Tulum 

For sunbeds (1 person) and double beds (2 persons), there is no minimum spend required from Monday to Thursday. However, from Friday to Sunday, there is a minimum spend of 1000 MXN per person on food, drinks, or bottle service. The same policy applies to beach lounges, which can accommodate up to 8 persons. For group bookings of more than 6 people, a minimum spend of 1000 MXN per person is required regardless of the day, and a 50% deposit is necessary to secure the reservation.

This price includes premium bottle service, which comes with a selection of top-shelf spirits and a variety of mixers such as soda, tonic, cranberry juice, and fresh garnishes to complement your drinks. By opting for bottle service, you and your guests can enjoy a tailored drink menu, making your day at Gitano Beach Club even more special.

One of the main perks of booking a VIP table at Gitano Beach Club Tulum is the personalized attention you receive. Each VIP table is attended by a dedicated cocktail waitress and a server assistant who ensure that your drinks are always refreshed and that you have everything you need throughout the day. Additionally, having a VIP table provides a private and comfortable space where you can relax, socialize, and enjoy the stunning views of the Caribbean ocean without any interruptions.

The atmosphere at Gitano Beach Club Tulum is truly unique, combining the rustic charm of the jungle with the elegance of the beach. Guests can enjoy all-day dining from 8 AM, starting with breakfast, moving on to a delicious lunch, and ending the day with sunset cocktails. The menu features house-made hummus and crudités, along with signature cocktails like the Jungle Fever, all enjoyed with a view of the dramatic white sand beach and crystal blue waters.

gitano beach tulum table booking

Gitano Tulum Beach Cluboffers an extraordinary beachside experience that is enhanced by its exclusive VIP table service. The VIP table price includes premium bottle service, personalized attention, and a private space to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to immerse yourself in the beauty of Tulum’s most enchanting beach club, booking a VIP table at Gitano Beach Club is the perfect way to ensure an unforgettable day. Secure your VIP table today and get ready to experience the magic of Gitano Beach Club Tulum.



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