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Indulge in the Latin spirit with VIP tables and sparkling nights.

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RosaNegra Tulum by Grupo RosaNegra offers an authentic Latin American party experience, set in a rustic yet sophisticated atmosphere. The music of the resident DJ, combined with bongo shows and sparkler happenings, creates a lively and passionate ambiance that celebrates life. Located in the Hotel Zone of Tulum, RosaNegra is a privileged destination for those seeking an unforgettable night.

Every visit to RosaNegra is a celebration for the senses, with an ambiance pulsating to the rhythm of bongos, strings, and timbales. The music of the resident DJ captures the joy of living that defines the Latin spirit, creating an immersive experience for all guests.

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Experience a vibrant atmosphere at RosaNegra Club as the dazzling sparkler show lights up the night, creating a moment that will be etched in your memory. Dance to the beats of live DJs and immerse yourself in champagne showers, celebrating life RosaNegra style.

For the full VIP experience at RosaNegra Beach Club, booking bottle service is the way to go. Tables should be reserved in advance to secure the best available location, ensuring a night to remember. With bottle service and within its price, you're guaranteed entry, unlike guest list or general admission. On average, plan for 1 bottle for every 5-6 people, depending on your drinking preferences, and consider getting more if you plan on inviting others to join your table.

RosaNegra Tulum Table Price 

RosaNegra Beach - Sunbed or Island 2,000 pesos
RosaNegra Beach - Beach Lounge 15,000 pesos
RosaNegra Beach - Pool Lounge 25,000 pesos
RosaNegra Beach - VIP Lounge 25,000 pesos
RosaNegra Beach - Presidential Residence 50,000 pesos
RosaNegra Beach - Beach Residence 40,000 pesos
RosaNegra Beach - Half Beach Residence 20,000 pesos
RosaNegra Beach - Additional Guest 2,000 pesos

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Booking a VIP table at RosaNegra Beach Club is more than just securing a prime spot – it's about enhancing your entire experience. With a VIP table, you'll enjoy dedicated service, ensuring that your drinks are always topped up and your needs are promptly attended to. You'll also have a comfortable and exclusive space to relax and mingle with your friends, away from the crowds. Additionally, VIP tables often come with the best views of the dance floor and the stage, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of RosaNegra Tulum. Now that you know more of the price to pay, treat yourself to the VIP treatment and elevate your night to new heights of luxury and excitement.



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