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RosaNegra Beach Day Club Tulum Table Price

RosaNegra Beach Club Tulum is an exceptional venue that embodies the passion for living in an atmosphere of pure sophistication. Inspired by the grandeur of Latin American countries such as Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, RosaNegra offers a vibrant journey of sensations. If you’re looking to enhance your beachside experience, booking a VIP table at RosaNegra Beach Club Tulum is the perfect choice.

Booking a VIP table at RosaNegra Beach Club Tulum is highly recommended for several reasons. Firstly, it guarantees you a reserved spot in one of the most prestigious beach clubs in Tulum, allowing you to bypass long waiting times and enjoy immediate access. The table price at RosaNegra Beach Club Tulum varies, but the investment ensures you receive first-class service and exclusive access to the club's premium amenities.

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The VIP table price at RosaNegra Tulum Beach Club varies by location and day of the week. Sunbed rentals are 2,000 MXN on weekdays and 2,500 MXN on weekends.  Beach Lounge access for up to 6 guests costs 15,000 MXN from Monday to Thursday and 25,000 MXN from Friday to Sunday. Pool and VIP Lounges, each hosting 8-10 guests, range from 25,000 to 40,000 MXN depending on the day. Half Beach and Beach Residences for larger groups are available for 20,000-64,000 MXN. The Presidential Residence, accommodating up to 12 guests, is priced at 50,000 MXN during the week and 80,000 MXN on weekends. Additional guests are charged 2,000-2,500 MXN.

This price includes a comprehensive bottle service package featuring a selection of top-tier champagnes and other premium spirits. Standard mixers such as orange juice, cranberry juice, and various sodas are also included, along with fresh garnishes to elevate your drink experience. By opting for bottle service, you and your guests can enjoy a tailored beverage menu, making your day at RosaNegra Beach Club even more special.

One of the standout perks of booking a VIP table at RosaNegra Beach Club Tulum is the personalized service. Each VIP table is attended by a dedicated cocktail waitress and server assistant, ensuring that your drinks are consistently refreshed and that your experience is seamless. This level of service allows you to relax and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere without any interruptions. The exclusivity and attention to detail provided to VIP guests set RosaNegra apart as a premier destination in Tulum.

RosaNegra Beach Club Tulum is renowned for its festive champagne parades, making it an ideal venue for celebrating special occasions. Whether you’re marking a birthday, anniversary, or simply enjoying a fun-filled day with friends, the club offers a variety of champagne bottle sizes to suit any celebration. From the classic 750 ml to the impressive Magnum bottles, RosaNegra ensures there’s enough champagne to keep the party going. The club’s selection of exclusive brands caters to even the most discerning tastes, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience.

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RosaNegra Beach Club Tulum offers a luxurious and vibrant beachside experience, enhanced by its exclusive VIP table service. The VIP table price includes premium bottle service, personalized attention, and a private space to enjoy the club's lively atmosphere. Whether you’re celebrating a special event or simply looking to immerse yourself in the elegance of Tulum’s most acclaimed beach club, booking a VIP table at RosaNegra Beach Club is the perfect way to ensure an unforgettable day. Secure your VIP table today and prepare for an extraordinary beachside celebration at RosaNegra Beach Club Tulum.



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